What I Remember (Part 2)

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  Let's continue with the next part. =D
So, high school !? It went not so well. FLASHBACK - before the PMR examination I had applied to transfer to others excellent school. I applied to SBP. As my PMR result was quite excellent, I've been offered to study at three distinguished school - ASiS, SMTKL & SMT Sepang. After a week been thinking and supported by my friends, I decided to go to ASiS. The decision also made because of I didn't want to face the SMU - an examination consists of 10 subject mostly in Arabic =.='.

  The next week, my family went to KL for my registration - it was a long journey, about 500km (O.o). I'd registered at Temenggung hostel and I in class number 5... out of 5! =.='. That wasn't so bad. It's the second best school in Malaysia! Three weeks later is Chinese New Year. So, we had a weeks of holiday. I went to Kelantan with my uncle as he also want to spend his holiday in hometown. AND as expectedly, I never went to ASiS again =P. HuHu! It was hard for me to adapt myself there. The study schedule is fully packed. There's no computers. No internet. It's TOUGH! STRICT! =(

  Consequently, I had to continue studying at MML. It goes somehow disappointing =.='. On every monthly examination, I failed on most of SMU subjects but quite well on Bahasa Melayu & English. It was because I need to memorize the subject which is really hard for me. At the end of the year, I had faced the SMU. For me, it went so well. AND... the result was horrible! I ONLY got A on Bahasa Melayu & English =.='. 2A's out of 10! =|

11A+ !!
 InsyaAllah. Amin
  In Form 5, I was dropped to the final class - 5 Science Basrah. Class number 5 out of 5 in science stream. Still, I felt very grateful to Allah as I'm still one of the Maahadian. Alhamdulillah =D. I was given the responsibility to be the Assistant Class Monitor which was quite impressive for me! YEAH =)). I got many new friends but still I seat with the same deskmate - Hanis and Farhan. We have been together since the PMR examination. It's a miracle since we still together. The year went well. We study smart and play hard! HAHA xD. And me always with my DSLR each time school made a program - now got thousands of photos in my external hard disk! =P. Day by day, month by month, we were a month before the life-changing examination - the SPM! Everyone changed, likes been drugged by someone. We all revised when there was a free time. No more playing hard! Many study group formed. The result was we faced the SPM calmly and went well.

  Today, it's March 3rd, 2012 and 19 days before the SPM result is announced. Nervous and anxious! I hope I'll get 9A's and above. InsyaAllah. May Allah gives the best result for me and my dearest friends. Amin

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