A Car Broke Down, Another K Went Away...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

  Hi, what’s up guys? There’s nothing up here, I guess. Seems likes more to bad news. HAHA xD … Firstly, yesterday, the Citra just went into an accident. =( … Another thousand seems to gone away. =(( … My father was on his way heading to Tumpat to pay electric bills when he fell asleep and accidentally hit the car parked at the side of the road. Left headlamp broke. A big hole at the front bumper. Engine seems okays. And hope it will be repair soon with lower cost. =D … The other car was a Wira Aeroback and the owner just metres away from it doing his job. And so, the story end because I don’t know what to tell you. HAHA =P.

  Do you guys has Skype? If yes, do add me. =P… My account is fiqfidaiy. This weeks I had added about 10 people from around the globe and 4 of them were very friendly. The other hasn’t approve me as contact yet. Or maybe they won’t. HAHA xD… I found Skype is a very interesting way to make friends and to practicing English. We can either chat to them or easily call them or make a video call which I’d never it try yet. I had call 2 of them before and we had a quite long conversation. Both of them are from USA and at same age as me. At first it went horrible as I don’t know what to talk. But then everything gone well. Hope I can made many new friends here from around the world.

  And here’s is the other bad news. The internet connection at my home just BLOCKED! =.=’… We got a sms yesterday saying that we need to make payment within a day before the cut it off. But before we made the payment, they already cut it. DAMN! =((… So, I won’t be online on FB, Twitter and Skype maybe for a week. I’m so bored. =(… Fortunately I got my dslr with me, so that I can enjoy my free time shooting photos. I got to go to my friend house. So, seems this post gonna end here. Bye =D

 p/s: NEVER drive when you are SLEEPY! Just stop your vehicles and take a nap or wudhu’. =))

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