Met The Dentist

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  Hi guys, I've got my very first dental appointment yesterday. 18 years of life and never been to any dentists for treatment? I think that's BAD! haha xD. Thanks to my broken upper central incisor **kalau xthu ape ni, tanye uncle google. =P**.  It looks weird so I decided to make an appointment for teeth restoration. IF it doesn't broke then I'll never been to dentist I guest.HAHA.

  I've made the appointment at the PPSG (Pusat Pengajian Sains PerGIGIan), USM and the dentist that done the tooth filling is Dr. Mustafa (I don't know his name but this name is written on my appointment card, so I assumed that's his name. hehe =P). I don't really know what was he done to my teeth cause it seems really like the surgery progress in a movie. All I saw was the bright light, his hand and a lot of dust. It doesn't hurt. Just felt unconfortable as many water stagnated in your mouth. I also don't know how long does it took as I'm not looking at my watch. He said I've 4 tooth with cavity or easily known as decayed tooth. =.=' He only filling one teeth, the upper central incisor which was why I made the appointment.

Dental instrument attached to the patient chair. Cool! =D
Lebih kurang macam ni lah kerusi pesakit tuh. Lampu tuh terang gilerr. agak sakit mata. =.='
   After that, a dental student **i guessed. she's young & doesn't look like a dentist at all. =P** ask me to make a full dental check-up and teeth cleaning. I agreed as I'm free that day. she brought me to the POLIKLINIK 6 *stated at the board at the entrance*. The place is fully equipped with dental chair & its instrument. I'm a bit amazed with all these things. HAHA xD. ** I want to be dentist? 45% of me want it. Why? Because I think that's the easiest career as a doctor. And they've high salary too. HEHE =P** And back to the story just now, she doing well as a dentist I assumed eventhough her looks doesn't like a dentist. =P. And she's also called another senior dentist and saying something to him. It heard like a report on my teeth to me. And I thing I'm really hear well is that my teeth hygiene is poor. =.='. *malu wess*

  She finished the teeth cleaning at around 12 afternoon. And I went home and looked at the mirror. Smiled! =)). My teeth looks normal and not weird anymore. hehehe =D. Thanks to the dentist for their excellent work. Maybe I gonna have another dental visit as the dentist said my other 3 decayed teeth still need to be filling.

  So, my advice to people out there, take care of your teeth.
Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.  ~Miguel de Cervantes
Always brush your tooth in a proper way as the video shown above and don't forget to meet the dentist regularly. Bye! =D  

p/s: JOM pergi PC FAIR kat KBMALL! =)). Biar xde duit pun, dpt tengok barang-II pun jadi. HAHA xD


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