Semester 2: ✔

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  Hai guys. Lama tak lepak depan laptop melalut kat blog ni. Haha. It had been a pretty busy semester this semester. Kinda hard to write anything here. So now tetiba rajin pulak nak update and changed it a bit. So here's the story of the past semester - The Semester 2.

 Sedar tak sedar, dah habis dah semester 2 aku kat UniKL ni. Means that aku dah almost a year bergelar mahasiswa UniKL MIIT. Eventhough it is not quite great achievement for me as ramai dah geng sebaya are already pursuing their degree, but it is a progress for me. So, alhamdulillah. :)

 Semester started a bit 'kalut' for me as I ter'drop' subjek yang dah pre-register on system. Saja gatal tangan test system, then terdrop subjek Pengajian Amalan Islam. Terganggu sikit first week tu sebab kena manually add balik which is sangatlah leceh. HAHA. First week kinda hectic, everyday kena naik office yang tiap masa penuh masa tu.

 A week after alhamdulillah dah okay dah settle. Get to the lecturers and the classmate. Lecturer semua okay, baik, friendly and really great. Subject pun semuanya quite fun for me - except Mandarin. AHA. Susah wei pahamkan bahasa baru ni. Berbelit semuanya. Schedule pun takdelah pack sangat, rilek rilek je. Subject that I took this semester was - Communication English 1, Pengajian Amalan Islam, Mandarin 1 (next sem Mandarin 2. T_T), Intro. to Multimedia Development, C# Programming, Basic Graphic Design, Storyboard Visualisation.

Selfie with Sir Amad.

 Compared to my first semester at the UniKL, I barely know anyone, but this time I'm glad to have few acquaintances throughout the semester. Moving in to a new house with housemates of the same courses gave me an advantage. Communication got better rather than before and my confidence level had rose up a bit. :) Thanks guys! The classmates are also quite nice. Can't tell much about them because I don't know much about them all, but they're cool in their own way. Everybody got their own things, their own speciality and whatever it is, I'm grateful to have meet them.

 Okay meh nak share sikit apa aktiviti semester lepas - sepintas lalu ja:

Communication English 1 - We organised a charity sale with a concept of "Dedicate Your Love" and the money collected are given to reach out the homeless around the KL. The program are really great. I as the leader in Multimedia Department did my best for the program and so were others. Alhamdulillah the event went smoothly.

Jaga photobooth. Seems bored right? Haha

Kerja kerja.
Ni booth sale items. 

This masa reach out the homeless.

Basic Graphic Design - On first task, we were asked to create a photomontage of our own photo with wany celebrity we want. This wasn't really hard. The second and the final project was quite tense - creating identity design. We had to come out with our own company and its background and create the whole identity of the company - the letterhead, envelope, business card and other. But eventually, we did it pretty well I guess. HAHA.

Pengajian Amalan Islam - in the beginning of the semester aku awal lagi. Right on time! But then time change, and so were I. HAHA. Sampai dah lewat, pastu gi breakfast dulu, then baru masuk lecture hall. Bad. Then at the end of semester, there was a CSR project - our class decided on gotong royong around Taman Tasik Titiwangsa and had an explorace game. Aku dengan member dari awal buat problem. Bayar lewat. Datang lambat program. Then hesitate nak join group yang dah pecah. HAHA. I don't know why, but I kinda enjoy the moment. Sorry! ;P Well at the end of the day, we all enjoy ourselves.

Explorace! Layankan je la.
Storyboard Visualisation - this subject walaupun aku tak berapa minat sebab kena melukis which are not my cup of tea. But sebab lecturer dia cool gila so aku jadi enjoy. Sir Amad Fahmi - been to overseas for years and recently return to Malaysia, his Bahasa Melayu are quite fun and cool. HAHA. And lawak gak orangnya. And quite charming. Kahkahkah! This subject more on drawing. The final project was kena buat short TV ads. Walaupun aku tak berapa nak reti dengan video editing and recording and storyline bagai tu, I enjoyed the project. Ni haa link video advertisement kitorang - LINK .

Intro to Multimedia Development - yang ni agak slow progress dia. Haha. Nota semua aku taktahu pape. Memang lost dalam lecture, sebab mostly dengar je. Tido la jawab dia. But masa lab enjoy. Main Flash. Hehe. Buat itu ini. Final task was to develop a website application. Alhamdulillah yang ni ended well eventhough mencabar gak laa nak settle dia.

Teaser rupa web app aku. Hehe

C# Programming - this one aku really enjoy. I don't know why but buat programming so far is fun! Hopefully sampai bila bila lah fun dia tu ada. HAHAH. Final project kena prepare satu program that consists of semua chapter yang belajar. Yang ni paling aku concentrate and paling pening nak settle sebab complicated and program panjang gilaaaa! First week of project aku spent time of planning the function of program je and the next week after aku start coding. Dulu kat CFSIIUM aku buat project flight reservation for C Programming tapi never succeed to finish it. This time aku buat hotel reservation. Alhamdulillah I'm really proud of me and my partner program. Syok gila kot buat benda ni kalau takde error. KALAU TAKDE ERROR OKAY! Kalau tetiba keluar error and berterusan banyak kali, fed up gila! HAHAHAHA

Intro program aku. :))

 Honestly aku tak berapa puas hati dengan aku kat kampus. I don't know why. Tapi aku memang taktau lah kan apa orang anggap aku kat kampus sana. Hopefully anggapan baik baik je lah and hopefully I didn't made any enemy. I'd tried my best untuk tolong semua kenalan takat aku mampu. One thing pasal aku is aku susah nak cakap. HAHA. Problem lama. Orang tegur baru aku reply. Number number budak UniKL pun berapa kerat je ada. Even number budak housemate pun aku tak save. Save memory! Hehe jange maroh! ;P

 One thing for sure is that semester 2 dah habis! Done! Tammat! Result exam pun bila nak keluar aku pun taktahu and belom ambil tahu. But I'm hoping for the best for myself and friends! :)

Panjang siot entry malam ni. HAHAHAHA. Kbye!

Selamat berpuasa! Puasa jangan tak puasa k!

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