Me and John Friday

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

 Hi guys! :)
 Good morning! Have you taken your breakfast yet? If not, then you should go and come back here and read while eating! =)

 'John Friday' 

 If you don't know that name then I knew that you didn't read the contents of the sidebar yet. Hahaha. John Friday is my name! Well, not actually my real name. But many friends of mine calling me that way. Some people would call me Afiq, Fida'iy and etc. But, recently, they're calling me John Friday, or John. And I kinda happy with it :)

 Yeah, but... why? Easy guys, that's what I'm going to explain in this post. I got the name when I was in Form 5. You know, I ain't a guy with lot of friends. So, back in early 2011, I was placed in class 5 Science Basrah. I don't really familiar with the student of the class. Even though I recognize the face from years before but I didn't know most of them. And so were they. So, on the first day of the class, a student sat few desk behind me. He was talking to his friends about something. Suddenly and quite unfortunately, he shouted 'John!' while pointing his finger at me. Well, I don't know if he really pointing it to me but my body did react on his action and slowly turn my face to him and 'Hi'. So, that's it! That's how I got my John title :) . Since that incident many start to call me with this name.

I'll never forget who I  really am :)

 And Friday? Well this quite related to my name Afiq Fida'iy. About a month, I guessed, after the class started, we had our extra class at the evening. So, one evening, we're having our history's extra class. Sir Nazlel - he was the one who taught us that evening. So, before the class begin, he call up our name to check the attendance. When my turn was up, he couldn't pronounced my name right. He was like - "Mohamad Afiq Fi.. Fi..Err.. Friday!" And that's how Friday has become part of my name. ;DD

 So now you knew it. It's kinda funny right, how I got my nickname. Hahaha XD . Recently, I'm more react to the John Friday's name rather than Afiq Fida'iy. Hihi. So, I AM JOHN FRIDAY ;P

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