My Movie Review | Iron Man 3

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

 Hi guys. Have you all watch Iron Man 3? If not then let me share a little about the story :)

 Lucky me that I had watched it twice already. Hihi. Yesterday I watched it in 3D version with my roomates at MidValley GSC and this evening I watched it again with my sister at TGV KLCC in 2D version. I had wait for the movie for long time ago as the last Iron Man's installment was on 2010 which is 3 years ago. With the first trailer of Iron Man 3 shown since last year, I become more eager to watch it.

 The first thing I wanna say about the movie is - AWESOME! Full of awesomeness. From the very beginning of the story to the end - it full of action, thriller, humor and sentimental feelings. The way its start already shows the difference that it brings. The new personality of Tony Stark is really heart-rending. The anxiety problems that haunting him from the aliens attack of Avenger's film shows me that even the strongest person got nervous and anxious sometimes. The part when his house got attack also makes my eyes wet. He has totally changed from what we see on the first and second installment of Iron Man's series. He become more caring on Potts and not showing off yet still hardheaded. The relation of Stark and his robot- Jarvis also touched my heart. They looks like a bestfriend. I love it :D

 The movie also contains many humorous part. The Iron Man's virtual asisstant always makes me laugh. Especially during they want to assemble the suit on Stark's body but the suit fly too fast and hit him. The kid from Tennessee also cheers up the film. He's so cute and funny. And the watch! The Limited Edition watch also create a big laugh. Hahaha XD   . The action also breathtaking. Who knows right that it will ended like that. The way the Mandarin threaten him and attack his house. It is - WOWW! O.O
There are also many unexpected things happen.

 Overall, my rating for Iron Man 3 is 9/10. I can't give 10/10 because the R8 seldomly appears. HAHA XD.  I love R8 and Iron Man! and also Jarvis ;DD
To those who didn't watch it yet, I highly suggest you guys to watch it! It is great! I AM IRON MAN! :D

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