Who Are Friends?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
  hi right now im on the bus. Returning to CFS after 4 days of joyous holiday. :)) ... My head quite shaky bcos my seat is as common; at the very end of level 2.
  With both my friends, Yuh n Hafizi beside me, sleeping... My mind just thinking of who are they? Am I related to them? What is friendships? For me, they are everything after Allah, Rasulullah and my family.

  In past few year im very bad in friendship. I rarely talk to people. Even in class i just sit and do my own thing. Not even care 'bout what my deskmate do. Now, I have changed a bit. I do actually hate being alone.
  When with friends I dont really care about myself. As long as they are happy with me, I am happy. I dont even care if I have too treat them many times. What i want is just to be with my friends. I believe that when we being kind to people, people will repay us with unpredictable kindness. :)

  I dont know how it feel when we've a girlfriend or couple. That because i never had one. What i do have is a friendship and i know that it's really something to me. So, to all my friends, I <3 U Guys! :))
#hope that i will be a very good friend to all of my friends :D

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