Thursday, July 05, 2012

 Assalamualaikum w.b.t

  Today is my first day on 2nd month at CFSIIUM. lot of things went well: study, eat, sleep. but still I can't get over my social problem. Still lack at communication and making new friends. Thus, it’s kinda lonely when all my frens from previous school went away. it's really hard for me to make new friends. It seems like there’s something stuck in my throat when i wanna talk to someone new. Either guys or girls. Especially girls. Hihi =P

my target. harap-II berjaya la =D

  I really need someone to help me to get rid over this. I really want to make new friends. New acquaintainces. Because i know in this world, i wont be with the same people all the time. Sometime i need to be with others. Even if i hardly don’t want it to happen but we all know that everything won't happen as we expected. Most of it happen unexpectedly. Like im writing this. Just now my mind like “log into facebook. Greets people. Comment on someone” but then here i am. Typing. I knew my grammar is like GREAT! Haha xD. But who cares. This isn’t a page for English geek making reference. This is like my diary. Everything i wrote was what i felt. what i experienced. Absolutely got nothing to do with you. Yes YOU! Haha... So back to the topic i telling you just now. Im really disappointed with myself. Its like there’s no improvement that i’d achieve. Just same as i was in high school. 


  I really hope that there's something. anything. that will alter my social life. =D

 " O Allah please give me strength so i can talk confidently to others. So that i can let my voice out whenever i wanna talk. So that i can make new friends. So that i can spread Islam. Ameen "

p/s: if u guys see me anywhere. Please say HI to me. So that we can be friend. Hihi =)

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