First Post in CFSIIUM!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Assalamualaikum wbt...
  So,ak da dua minggu lebih dah kt CFS ni. So far, PHYSICALLY everything went well. :)   and MENTALLY im a bit lonely i guess. I ain't homesick but really miss for someone who I dont really know. What a crazy feeling! :( 
      Lets smbung citer aq kat UIA ni, nnti melencong drpd title laks. So, ni antara kesimpulan diari aku sehingga today :-

 1st Day - Happy. Excited. Dissapointed with room/mahallah as it wasn't as I expected. Maybe I put my expectation too high. Everything else is fine.

 3rd Day - Not so close to roommate, just know them a little. almost everytime spent time with maahadian which was about 20 person... Assabiah kah? Wat lek jerr...

 Day 5th - nothing too obvious. same as b4. dah bsuh bju 4 1st time sini. pg ni agak nk ribut/ujann. smlm sing cfa sonng. fathi soho meta. haha. kklate meme rama... lagi.... xdok doh serow. bai..

 Day 6th - banganggg!

 Day 7th - ada test TEnT. bkalan breakfast wa da abiss.. last day of TaWe! so far still bgn tdur b4 jam 6pg! 1st jumaat d uiapj.
During the Baiah & Welcoming Night. Spot the CFS at the KC? =P

 Day 9th - puah xthu wak gapo. Maring drak g mid. Sesat pulokk tuh. Mujo dreba bass klate.

 Day 12 - xleh change room. Tepat lepak sokmo ukc. Psni cek tilawah. Nervous. Dah selesa. Ramai kna tkar blik

 1st class day - all lang class cancelled. dont know why. yg de class computer 2-3. now da 15 minutes in here in ax204 but no lectures come in. there r just 3 girls at this time. but maybe more to come. idk. i got feeling prob with some1. one or two of my roomate seems crazy. haha. i dont like him but not hate him. huhu. he talks too much. smoking in room doing like his own room. damn!

ABC! My mahallah.

 21/6/2012(TODAY) - today feel so sleepy. I already sleep early last night but maybe I'm not fit in this situation yet. Well, you know 6 month of holiday. Doing nothing. And today got a class to attend. Class for today is Physics I and Arabic Language plus English Language on evening. Physics I quite okay. Arabic class is fantastic. Exaggerating! HOHO xD. The ustaz is sporting as always made a joke. So we all enjoyed it.

my study table. quiet messy. =.='

 SO that all for this time. I wanna heading to UKC Cafe for lunch with Seth, InsyaAllah. Right now i'm in SMAWP3 S3002. So... Bye & Assalamualaikum. =)

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