What I Remember (Part 1)

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

  Tomorrow, on 18 years ago, was nothing to anyone, but everything for these 2 person. My mother and father. Maybe for my sister too, but i bet she doesn't know anything yet. Just like any other 3 years old girl. On  that day, i was born to this world. HUH, it's not fair isn't it? Its my first day on earth, but doesn't remember anything that happen on that day. It's like you won a million dollars but you don't remember that moment. Everyone talking how brave you were, how lucky you are.Yet you don't know anything, likes you weren't there. You must be questioning: "How was I? What do I feel that time?"

Remember Me?

  But, who cares? Me? Nah, i don't care about it too. For the next few years ahead, i don't remember it too. One thing for sure, my parents did took care of me very well. Otherwise, i would not be like this today. Healthy physically and mentally. Have hundreds of friends on facebook, got 10 followers on twitter. And writing this for you all to read it. I am taken care, right? Alhamdulillah, grateful to Allah s.w.t..

  Sometimes, I also wondering when is my first memory captured. I believe no one remember their childhood days vividly. Even the moment captured by camera, not sure you'll remember how it's going. I tried to find my pictures when i was a baby, yet doesn't found any. I am quite handsome now, so i guess i'm quite cute before. HAHA =P. I also does not call to mind how my first day at school was. My last day at primary school? I remembered it distinctly. It was the day where the result of UPSR 2006 is announced. My friends and I shivering nervously, however i passed it with flying colors. Thanks to my teachers, friends and family that had taught me so well.

We waiting for the UPSR result. SMILE =D

  On 2007, I was 13 years old, study at most famous school in Malaysia, i guess, Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki. It is a great school even though occasionally i really want to get out from there. The first person I knew on that school was Hanif Abdul Rahman. We were on the same class, 1 Dimashq. Till now we still friend. My years on secondary school was dandy. Got few friends, pass every exam quite well [i always failed on arabic subject. =.='], and not so friendly as i'm less talkative. On my final years in secondary school, I had an argument with my classmate, Aiman or well-known as 'Nono'. He always call me with an annoying name, so one day I had slapped him,hard and intentionally. Since that moment, we were never talk to each other. The secondary school end well. I got 8A's out of 9 in PMR examination. Good enough, does it? =D

  What's going on when I was in high school? Well, a little bit helter-skelter. Want to know it? Keep on reading iWroteURead because it gonna be continue on the second part. Adios! =))

p/s: primary school = standard 1- 6. secondary school = form 1 - 3. high school = form 4 - 5. Is that right? =.='

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